The nightstand next to my bed, 11:45 PM. An island of light in a dark room.

Light source: A "warm white" (2750-2900 K) "40 watt replacement" (390-420 lumens) LED lamp in a conical work light fixture, ~18 inches above the tabletop.

Warm wood surface, the matte reds and yellows and browns of the envelope, red 3M, glossy red water bottle top, wine residue.

Reflections in the wine glass - sharp, image-like, but repeated and distorted and distant-looking.

Reflections in the glossy plastic surface of the water bottle - scattered light, but bright, harsh, close to the light source.

Reflections from the wine glass reflect again off the glossy surface of the envelope.

The angle and uneven surface of the envelope renders the water bottle's shadow almost shapeless.

A long shadow to the right of the wine glass with a bright refracted rim.