A preview of the project so far.

We live our lives in front of computer and cell phone screens, but we do not look at these displays. We look through them, seeing only the images they render. We look through those images and see only the information they represent. The screen itself becomes invisible to us.

11 & 1/4 inch by 7 inch LED-backlit LCD Display, 1280 by 800 pixel Resolution is a Minimalist electronic installation that catalyzes an encounter with the object of the screen itself. A sheet of vellum diffuses the light of the display, rendering the text and graphics illegible. Thereby, the screen comes into focus as an object in itself. A script loads a series of randomly selected webpages in a fullscreen browser. Here the Internet, as a collection of abstract information and human meanings, is no longer accessible. Instead it appears as an infinitude of patterns of light across an array of over a million pixels. In fact, it has only ever appeared to us this way.