This semester, I am concentrating in various ways on learning about and exploring space, movement, and the body. Space and the body are intimately connected - we perceive and interact with space via the movement and positioning of our own bodies within it. Even our perceptions of large spaces through which we do not move - for instance, the cavernous space between the seats and high ceiling of a concert hall - is ultimately shaped by processes in our brains which evolved to imagine how our body might move within a space.

I'd like my work in this class to be a part of this exploration. I might explore questions such as:

  • How does the position of the body in space shape the experience of sound?
  • How does the relationship, physical or material, between the sound source and the listener's body shape the experience of sound?
  • How does the movement of the body or the sound source through space shape the experience of sound?
  • How do the material and spatial qualities of the space around the listener shape the experience of sound?

Some items for evaluating my work:

  • Does the work explore relationships between sound, space, and the body?
  • Is it clear which particular relationship(s) are being explored?
  • Does the listener leave the experience with a different understanding of how sound interacts with their own body or with the space around their body?