For our second assignment for "Immersive Listening: Designing Sound for VR," we're playing around with the Facebook360 Spatial Workstation plugins for Reaper, placing different sounds in 2-D space around the listener and playing around with moving audio sources through space as well.

I started with a concept: what if you could hear the digital communication happening invisibly all around you? I did a quick-and-dirty audio sketch based on that.

First, I used Twitter's API to fetch recent tweets geo-tagged near Tisch School of the Arts (recent being relative to ~midnight on Wednesday, Sept 19th, 2018). Fortunately, I had done this exact operation as part of a previous project - GitHub repo here, live demo here. So I could re-use all of that code. One quick Python script, and I'm printing tweets to the command line.

Next, I used a free online text-to-speech service: Those blocks of weird characters in the terminal are presumably emoji, so I removed things like that before asking the site to render any of them.

Finally, dropping lots of the generated files into Reaper, and playing around with having them coming from different points in space, move past the listener, approach and withdraw, etc. The overall pieces builds up to a cacophony of surrounding voices and then quickly dissipates. I hope you'll find it somewhat cool.

The final piece.

For the curious, here's a transcript of all the tweets that I used, in order of when each clip starts.

The Feast of San Gennaro, a feast indeed it was. Although, I have to be careful about what I eat these days

When you (barely) made it through Wednesday

These lovely people, fun times, awesome class.

Mejor consejo o mejor consejo

Tonight contributed to a MAJORRR chapter in my makeup journey! I was fortunate enough to attended a makeup class ta

Thursday We Welcome DJ EVRYDY To  , NYC  .

Champagne Parlor.

Gorgeous' MoMA @ MoMA The Museum of Modern Art

Dilan's record, basically being IDC in everything but name and being a real estate shill. These things lost

West Broadway at West Houston Street

Ambassadors of Panna Cotta...and a crap ton of wine

Award winning icon and premiere Scholar-in-Residence  kicked off his NYU residency by sharing his

It's totally normal to talk to yourself.
The issue arises when you start to worry that you're going to misunderstand what you're saying.

x vans @ Foot Locker

Hey Michael - kudos on the new film - the Dem convention / Bernie sequence was difficult to watch but revealing - thank you!

Thanks Claire! More than happy and proud to be a part of your modeling success story.

too much to see in   York, New York

I can no longer use the Search function on my STB. The first letter works, then subsequent ones do not

Me puse a ver destino final.

the usual

Screenshots of the Process (as always)

How to get latitude/longitude from Google Maps - they're right in the URL!
Great text-to-speech service, lots of voices, and a few different languages (I used Spanish a couple times.) Outputs mp3 files, not WAV, but it's not like synthesized voice would sound that great anyways.
Reaper spatial plugin.
Automating with envelopes.
SO many tracks!