Web|Wall is a performance and interactive sound installation. It is an experiment in the use of physical sensors and installation design for embodied interaction in movement-based performance. The installation consists of a web of latex tubing stretched between two sides of a large (14ft x 6ft base, 8ft tall) frame. The system plays and modulates sounds in response to tension on the web of tubing, with a range of sensitivity allowing interactions from small gestures up to pulling with the full weight of the body.

With an elastic but strong web of tubing designed to withstand the force of the performer’s body in motion, Web|Wall aims at a particular style of performance: highly physical, full-body interaction in which the physical dialogue of force, strain, and resistance between the performer’s body and the structure of the installation is an integral component of the performance. Web|Wall breaks from intangible motion capture systems to make movement-with-the-machine a direct physical component of the set and of the choreographic structure. The performance is a five-minute composition and choreography for a solo performer, using the installation.

Web|Wall was developed for the New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) class at ITP, and was performed for the NIME show at The Paper Box, Brooklyn, Dec 2019.